There are numerous Direct Incentives that the State of New Mexico offers.

Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) (NM Economic Development Dept.)

Whether you have a thriving business looking to expand, or a business looking to relocate to New Mexico, you’ll need new employees.

Investing in staff is a big commitment, and the New Mexico Job training Incentive Program (JTIP) can help. JTIP offers financial support for hiring new employees, from New Mexico’s smallest rural companies to the largest urban businesses.

Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) (NM Economic Development Dept. & City of Portales)

The enactment and utilization of LEDA allows public support of economic development to foster, promote, and enhance local economic development efforts while continuing to protect against the unauthorized use of public money and other public resources.  This empowers communities to embark on economic development projects tailored to their LOCAL needs.  In essence, LEDA is used to enter into a “public private partnership” for an economic benefit.

Further, the purpose of the Act is to allow municipalities and counties to enter into Joint Powers Agreements to plan and support regional economic development projects.   LEDA can be used to support 3 types of projects:  Infrastructure/Improvement, Economic Development (Job Creator) and Retail.