Business to Business

The NM Partnership meets with numerous businesses at trade shows and events throughout the year. Some of the contacts we make may not have an immediate expansion project in the near term but are interested in identifying potential suppliers or service providers in New Mexico, increasing their client base, finding new distributors, or otherwise doing business with companies in our state. We encourage you to share these B2B opportunities with businesses in your area that might be interested. We would also be highly appreciative if you could let us know of any contacts you are able to facilitate and anything tangible that results!


Business to Business Leads


Hakansson Sagblad AB
The company manufactures and sells band saw blades and circular saw blades for cutting metal, word and food. They are looking for distributors or distribution partners. For more information contact Gunnar Axelsson.



Omatei Mechanical
The company produces and sells chucks, lathes, forming rings, mounting plates, clamps, and cylinders. They are looking for a US distributor. For more information, contact Tom Zhao.



Twindow LLC
The company manufactures conveyor belts and is looking for business contacts along US/Mexico border. For more information, contact Antonio Romera.



Vigel Manufacturing Technologies
The company focuses on manufacturing technologies, mainly  machining centers and special machines. They are looking for manufacturers within automotive supply chains. For more information, contact Michael Walther.



Gehring Do Brazil
The company supplies surface finish technology solutions for internal combustion engines, gears and numerous other industrial applications within the automotive and supplier industries, hydraulics and pneumatics, as well as the aerospace sector. They are looking for a western distributor. For more information, contact Nicholas Coates.



Kamiya Saw & Knife Mfg. Co., Ltd
The company produces circular saw blades, knives and other high quality cutting tools for industrial use worldwide. They are looking for a western distributor. For more information, contact through email.



KSM Electronics Inc.
The company is a global contract manufacturer, providing build-to-print services for all things cable. They are looking for B2B introductions, especially along the US/Mexico border. For more information, contact JR Steele.



The company manufactures circular saw blades, band saw blades and sawing machines. They are looking for B2B connections. For more information, contact Gustavo Spanholi.



Physna is geometric search engine software designed to increase efficiency with CAD design and manufacturing. They are looking for B2B connections. For more information, contact Paul Powers.