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Reduce your exposure to CAPITAL GAINS TAX by investing locally into economic development projects.



Eastern New Mexico University offers an affordable education with onsite & online courses.


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Info Update on Ordinance Ballot ...

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LEDA Mail-in Ballot Information

From the Portales City Clerk:

I have received many questions about the Mail Ballot election, so I have prepared the following statement in an attempt to reach as many voters as possible:
“Ordinance No. 737 was adopted in January this year by the City Council to amend existing City Code regarding Economic Development funds. For the ordinance to become effective, State law requires that the ordinance be voted on by the eligible voters of the municipality. The question is FOR or AGAINST making the ordinance effective. Ordinance No. 737 amends existing code to expand the uses of Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) funds that assist the community in attracting businesses into Portales or improving businesses in Portales (not just industry). The ordinance does not increase the LEDA tax.
LEDA authorizes the use of public money for economic development purposes since it does benefit the public with potentially more employment opportunities and more gross receipts tax (sales tax) that is the funding source for services the City provides, such as Police, Fire, Streets, Parks, Library, Municipal Court, Planning, etc.”
Please continue to call me with any questions—I am happy to talk to all of you.
Thank you.

Joan Martinez-Terry
City Clerk
City of Portales
100 W. First Street
Portales, NM 88130
Tel. (575) 356-6662
Fax (575) 356-3158

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