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Early Voting is in progress through Nov 5th.
The following is our recommendations to promote new businesses and for business expansion in Roosevelt County.

It has come to our attention that some voters have had questions concerning the meaning of the three (3) questions related to alcohol sales. By voting “YES” on question one, you are voting to allow the sale of alcohol in the unincorporated areas of the County which means anywhere outside municipal boundary lines. (The City of Portales currently allows for the sale of alcohol within the City limits, but other municipal entities in the County have not voted to allow for such sales within their Village boundary).

The RCCDC is strongly in favor of all voters casting a “YES” ballot on the three (3) questions listed above. By voting “YES” voters will increase the likelihood that allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages will result in the establishment of new businesses in the unincorporated areas of the County. The sale of alcohol in unincorporated areas will be beneficial to the public in terms of positive economic impact, by creating additional gross revenue tax generated from such sales, the creation of jobs and will also help prevent the “leakage” of County residents’ dollars being spent at venues that sell alcohol in adjacent Counties outside of Roosevelt County.

Questions have been raised concerning the second questions which asks “Do the residents of Roosevelt County wish to allow inter-local option district transfers in the unincorporated areas of Roosevelt County?”

This simply means that if the first question is answered “YES”, by a majority of the voters, then voters may also decide to allow for businesses to transfer a liquor license from one location in the unincorporated areas of Roosevelt County to another unincorporated area of Roosevelt County by following the legal procedures for such transfer. The RCCDC encourages voters to vote yes to this question as it will allow greater flexibility for businesses to sell and transfer such licenses to satisfy local demand and needs.

Residents have also had questions concerning the third question which voters may approve independently of question two and which asks “Do the residents of Roosevelt County wish to allow issuance of restaurant beer and wine licenses in the unincorporated areas of Roosevelt County?” Voting will allow for the issuance of beer and wine licenses which will not include the right to sell other alcoholic beverages other than beer or wine.



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