Attractions in Roosevelt County:

Miles Mineral Museum
Eastern New Mexico University, Roosevelt Hall, Portales, 88130, (575) 562-2651
8am-5pm, M-F; Sat by appt.
Originally collected by Fred & Gladys Miles, the museum contains 2500 geological, archaeological & anthropological specimens that includes Pecos Valley Diamonds (quartz crystals) and Native American artifacts.

ENMU Natural History Museum
Eastern New Mexico University, Roosevelt Hall, S. Ave. K, Portales, 88130, (575) 562-2706
8am-5pm, M-F
The museum places great emphasis on understanding the natural heritage of eastern NM and the greater Southwest.

Roosevelt County Museum
Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, 88130, (575) 562-2592
8am-5pm, M-F; 10am-4pm, Sat; 1pm-4pm, Sun

Dalley’s Windmill Collection
1506 S. Killgore, Portales, 88130, (575) 356-6263

Visitors are immediately swept backward in time to the early life and times of the residents of Roosevelt County. The displays include relics of the home including antique furniture and an Edison phonograph as well as the technology of the past as evidenced by a printing press and a medical instrument collection.

Collection of donations by local residents, permanent display location still undetermined.

Blackwater Draw MuseumEastern New Mexico University, Portales, 88130, (575) 562-2202
10am-5pm, T-Sat; 12pm-5pm, Sun
The Blackwater Draw Museum displays artifacts and exhibits associated with the Locality No. 1 site. Over 13,000 years of site usage are described, from mammoth hunting to modern culture.