(SOLD) Former Coca Cola Beverage Canning Facility (SOLD)

(SOLD) The property was built to operate as a beverage canning facility.  A beverage canning cooperative owned and operated the facility for over 30 years and then sold to Coca Cola Corporation.  Coca Cola operated for about another 10 years until this past spring.  Coca Cola decided to eliminate the plant and move this operation to other facilities.  They ceased operation in April 2016. The property equipment on site has been removed and both interior and exterior looks in very good condition and ready for a new tenant.The property is conveniently located along U.S. Highway 70, a popular southern route for the eastern and western U.S.  A Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Rail line also runs alongside this property.distribution-warehouse-facility-coca-cola-portales-picture-docxdistribution-warehouse-facility-coca-cola-portales

For more information contact Orlando Ortega at the Roosevelt County Community Development Corporation (RCCDC).

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Email: ortegao@portales.com

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